Pune Journal: Travel Covi-ded

‘Cauldron burning bright but where are the witches… Probably toggling up for the party’.  In the on going Covid-19 scenario the travel cauldron is overflowing with places, freebies, modes and methods leaving the end-user hyperventilating or baffled by innocent over… Read More ›


So it is finally taken….the decision to move to Pune, West India. We bid adieu to Gurgaon or present Gurugram , the millennium city that lures settlers and migrant, young and old from across India to settle in its numerous… Read More ›

Lifestyle –Must Travel

Some are unmissable….encounters. I am not a solo traveler, a backpacker, an environmentalist or an adventure seeker. I’m basically a traveller, catching flights to cross over to places where children are settled, stopping en route at pre-selected destinations or visiting… Read More ›