Thursday Doors

Cancun Mexico. 2023 Feb Village homes on way to Chichen Itza, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. This was once a vibrant, ancient pre- Colombian Mayan city centrally located on the northern half of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. What remains today are ancient Mayan structures, including the famed El Castillo pyramid that dominates… Continue reading Thursday Doors

Winter Sun

The contrast as we winged our way to sunny blue silver sands of Cancun Mexico, from snowy cold Calgary, Canada. Here for a weeks break I hope to explore more of this decadent luxury resort town and its surroundings. Cancun Cancun Calgary

Dictionary of Demeanour

In Canada do as the Canadians do ….. Canada of Dictionary reference: “Canadians are a mostly friendly, unpretentious people who value honesty, sensitivity, empathy and humility in their relationships with friends and strangers, as well as respect for the privacy and individualism of others”.…An extremely polite nation with ‘sorry’ at drop of pin.  True…Canada is… Continue reading Dictionary of Demeanour