Gurgaon Journal: Season of Change

The summer light shimmies through scrunched up leaves under our feet. It is the ‘shedding’ season making way for the new and along with budding leaves we too look for new beginnings...a Covid free world. 'Yippee....we have the Vaccine ...and all is well with the World.’ Flashback: 2020 was confined to luggage holds, of hibernation,… Continue reading Gurgaon Journal: Season of Change

Central Park – A Welcome Escape

Covid-19 Lockdown in India (in its third phase) is a blessing or a pain depending on how one looks at it. There is no cutting corners or streets and 'locked up in the house' is the new creative genre. This post is a re-post of my first blog post (December 2009) about my first Central… Continue reading Central Park – A Welcome Escape

Beijing- A Contrasting Bouquet of Largeness

A re-visit or virtual travel after gap of eleven years (2009) and Beijing, like rest of China, still remains an enigma. Its latest product, Covid-19 or Corona virus, lives up to the 'humongous' attitude of the country.....expandable enterprise. As we, all over the world, battle with inevitable lockdowns, a virtual visit brings back memories of… Continue reading Beijing- A Contrasting Bouquet of Largeness