Fresh of the Boat…..

November 2021: The ‘Fresh Of The Boat’ feeling as we board Air India direct flight to Toronto after a two year Covid intermission. We have been visiting Canada since 2012 but this trip was special, coming as it did after deliberations the risks even with being double vaccinated and fulfilling ArriveCan regulations.

Toronto: The first images…… Sunrise, Fall colours to first snowfall/flurries and Christmas decorations. Wishing my blogger friends and readers a very Happy Thanksgiving. There is much to be grateful for….. from a happy healthy life to getting back into the groove. The blissful feeling of being at peace with the surroundings (lens-artists-photo-challenge-174-follow-your-bliss)

“Joy is the simplest form of gratitude.” — Karl Barth

6 thoughts on “Fresh of the Boat…..

  1. Such a lovely collage of first impressions on returning to Toronto. I love the fall colors and those baskets of tomatoes! “The blissful feeling of being at peace with the surroundings” comes through your images. Sure hope this new Covid variant doesn’t mess up everyone’s plans.

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