U Know U are back home…….

September 2022: When the pounding dhol (drum) beats, raunchy Bollywood movie songs back spin through relatively quiet nights and make you snuggle deeper into your pillow... you know you are back home.  The ten-headed Ravana (centre) Effigy waiting to be torched on the 10th day of Dusshera (Google download) Dusshera celebrations are in full swing… Continue reading U Know U are back home…….

Eyes….windows or shutters

Lens-Artists Challenge #205 – The Eyes Have it "The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want". F. Scott Fitzgerald. I prefer landscapes, objects and buildings with occasional focus on humans. If and when I do, it is from a discreet angle drawn by the… Continue reading Eyes….windows or shutters

A Day….Is a Day

May 8, 2022: I wake up to an emotional over-whelmer and instinctively my fingers search the phone and FB icon. Mothers’ day snippets, memories, images inundate my Newsfeed. I rub my eyes reading glowing peans to near perfect mothers and wonder if my daughter too will pen such rhapsodic tributes to me. ‘We have been… Continue reading A Day….Is a Day