A Known Trail- Travel Writing to Short Stories

Travel Writing to Short Stories is not a giant leap but a continuation of ‘imaginative re-creation of that lived experience‘. In my travelogues I have endeavoured to accommodate “the private dairy, the essay, the short story, the prose poem, the rough note and polished table talk with indiscriminate hospitality. It freely mixes narrative and discursive writing”. (Jonathan Rabban For Love & Money: Writing – Reading – Travelling 1968-1987. Picador, 1988).

Shobha Nihalani: Wordbeads.wordpress.com, in her blogpost Pivot. It is a Mindset shift says ‘ Do pivot. It gives you a chance to rediscover yourself, redefine your strengths and ….. find out your true potential’.

2020 was the Rip Van Winkle year of travel and a few short naps later my virtual travels mapped a different terrain and found a fulcrum….a world of words and plots.

My ‘first attempt’ short story The Pearl String is a fictionalised crossing of the fact boundary, a journey resonating with memories.

It was a surprise and a reward when the story was adjudged third in Short Story 2021 by Wordweavers India Poetry & Short Story Magazine https://www.wordweavers.in

The Journey continues…..

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