Jumbo Splendour – Hong Kong

A memory revived on reading about the redundancy of the iconic Jumbo Floating Restaurant, till now a permanent fixture off Aberdeen pier and promenade.


2020 was the watershed Covid induced period of expendability and to rub salt to the abrasion the kitchen barge section sank as on May 31, 2022 days before it was supposed to be towed out from the crowded Praya in June 2022.

For a HongKonger and the trillions of tourists this iconic Theme- Park-in-Water was on must visit place considering its setting as a popular movie The movie list includes ENTER THE DRAGON (Bruce Lee..1973) , Jackie Chan’s THE PROTECTOR (1985) James Bond’s THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, THE WORLD OF SUZIE WONG (1960) and the recent 2011 movie THE CONTAGION, numerous video games, the British miniseries NOBLE HOUSE etc. and world famous diginatries such as Queen Elizabeth II, former US President Jimmy Carter…(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumbo_Kingdom)

Blog post 2012: (pics are hazy)…The humongous Jumbo is in sharp contrast to the traditional junks and sampans crowding Aberdeen harbor, Hong Kong. From the Aberdeen pier arch a free boat shuttle ferries you to the entrance of one of the world’s largest floating restaurants and a tourist icon of Hong Kong.

If the exterior is gaudy the interior resembles a Chinese film setting for ‘princely’ shenanigans. The Jumbo Kingdom, inclusive of the Tai Pak Floating Restaurant is an assemblage of flamboyant and somewhat pretentious decor catering to fine dining, banquet and wedding facilities and cultural attractions that dazzle your senses.

The best way to avoid the blitzkrieg of colors is to find a comfortable corner in the sprawling 9000 sq.ft. Top Deck al fresco dining area and splurge on exotic cocktails and international cuisine. Avoid looking at the price list, it is expensive ( we had burgers) and relaxed watching a wedding photo shoot with the majestic yachts as background.

The floating Jumbo is basically three separate ships interconnected into a mammoth 45,000 sq.ft. space with banquet halls, kitchen, storage space, lounges, fish pond for fresh seafood, decks, passages….worth exploring the many splendours.

The Golden Dragon at Entrance (husband the Dragon slayer)

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  1. Wonderful, I dined here a couple of times in the late 70’s. Hasn’t changed at all. Thanks for bringing back great memories. Great photos!

  2. The Jumbo Kingdom certainly looks worth a visit. I love the OTT decor, and would enjoy exploring the whole 9,000 sq ft. I’m not at all surprised that it’s a popular wedding venue. 🙂

  3. Beautiful photo’s … I really like how ornate it is. I would be distracted from eatin because I would want to get close to all of the things I would want to view. The colors are bright and the details are incredible. Very informative post….!!!!

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