Jumbo Splendour – Hong Kong

A memory revived on reading about the redundancy of the iconic Jumbo Floating Restaurant, till now a permanent fixture off Aberdeen pier and promenade. 2020 was the watershed Covid induced period of expendability and to rub salt to the abrasion the kitchen barge section sank as on May 31, 2022 days before it was supposed… Continue reading Jumbo Splendour – Hong Kong

Tuen Ng Festival -The Dragon Boat Festivities

2021...A subdued & shadowy celebration. This year again the races have been cancelled due to Covid. Sharing and savoring my 2012 Dragon Boat festival experience at Tai Po, Hong Kong. I can hear the waters calling the boats. It is the time of the year, again, when Hong Kong pulsates to the beat of drums and… Continue reading Tuen Ng Festival -The Dragon Boat Festivities


Hong Kong is home to many structural curiosities, cultural quirks, natural fascinators but the most enduringly whacky (for South Asians) are its culinary delights and the pervasive fish smell. Street corners, alleys, lanes, housing blocks, Condos, sea front, up the hill and down, any where and every where and you know you are in fish country.