Toronto Summer…..Bluffing Away (3)

Happy Summers....... The Toronto weather bemuses us with bright sleazy sunshine one day to cold winds, sneaky ominous clouds and rain drops the next day. For someone from India it is double whammy but we buckle up our belts and do what the locals do... learn the art of dodging weather and stop cribbing.  So … Continue reading Toronto Summer…..Bluffing Away (3)

Toronto Summer – Don River Valley

The blistering heat of New Delhi, India, is forgotten in the 'winter in disguise' summer of Toronto (11 degrees C ). It is a clear azure-sky day and we are out on our first outing of the season, something we had missed on our previous visits, the Lower Don River Valley park.  The re-invented Valley … Continue reading Toronto Summer – Don River Valley

Lines–Vertical and Criss Cross

Toronto: Steel replaces bamboo as you gaze up at the stylised six-storey 'forest' canopy, sun light streaming down through the louvres, highlighting the facades of heritage buildings of Downtown Toronto. Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, this pedestrian thoroughfare connects the much photographed atrium of Allen Lambert Galleria or the 'Crystal Cathedral of Commerce' to Bay … Continue reading Lines–Vertical and Criss Cross