A Summer’s Day….

Continuing with my series of Neighbourhood Spaces.   Six months of freezing winter months and the first signs of soaring mercury and I am ready to embrace the Canadian summer, the sunshine and colorful smiling nature a.k.a William Shakespeare…  “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate. Rough winds… Continue reading A Summer’s Day….

Guild-ed Greens….

Continuing with my series of Neighbourhood Spaces, Toronto.   Another urban gem is the scenic and historic Guildwood Park and Inn constellated with sculptures manifesting history, artists and political influencers.  The Park, an extension of Scarborough Bluffs, alongside Lake Ontario is a sculptured fantasyland and as we step onto the greens we are in midst… Continue reading Guild-ed Greens….

A City Escape

Cerulean skies with hint of cottony cover and a perfect day for hikes. We were were not the only ones trooping into the Rouge National Urban Park, the parking lots were full, and inside hiking groups, wanderers, juniors, seniors, (some in uniformed identification), raring to enjoy themselves in the cool greens and gurgling fresh Creek… Continue reading A City Escape