Doorway to Abundance….Gateway of India

Gateway of India The Gateway of India, Mumbai ….the symbolic doorway to India welcoming visitors... the friendly and not so friendly. It was a symbol of power and majesty constructed by the British to commemorate the arrival of King George V and Queen Mary  to India in 1911 for the Delhi Durbar. They were presented with… Continue reading Doorway to Abundance….Gateway of India

Pune Journal……Heat Wave and Flip-Flops

I was off radar for few months, travelling, missing out filling my Pune Journal pages. In four months I visited three beach destinations…Goa, Maldives and Mumbai with a short break to hometown Gurugram and a day outing to Panchgani the ‘strawberry’ land two hours plus from Pune by car. Panchgani has another claim to fame...  Freddy… Continue reading Pune Journal……Heat Wave and Flip-Flops

Train Spotting… New Delhi to Pune….

Backwaters......MumbaiTraveling on an Indian train is a series of mechanical exhalations, specifically for an Indian, whether in general second or cattle class or in First A/C. The surrounding levels of odors set the tone of the journey and with olfactory senses already in a limbo by the time the train streams out of the platform… Continue reading Train Spotting… New Delhi to Pune….