Hong Kong’s ‘High Line Park’

Hong Kong is forever in a flux; in a constant need to replenish and re-engage its outer casings. The latest, at least I visited it few days back, is the perky changeover of the former airport Kai Tak *and its surroundings. The runaway has been converted into a cruise terminal and the three levels no-trims attached … Continue reading Hong Kong’s ‘High Line Park’

New York: Summer Take-Away

Summertime 2013. This is my first summer trip to this sprawling anathema mythicized by  navigational cover ups of the winter chill when Central Park curls up in its snow blanket; the glitter and gold of Fall likened to an aging dowager with countless Botox uplifts or a grandmother welcoming strays into her fold; the sprightly … Continue reading New York: Summer Take-Away