Fresh of the Boat…..

November 2021: The 'Fresh Of The Boat' feeling as we board Air India direct flight to Toronto after a two year Covid intermission. We have been visiting Canada since 2012 but this trip was special, coming as it did after deliberating the risks, even with being double vaccinated and fulfilling ArriveCan regulations. Checked and ticked:… Continue reading Fresh of the Boat…..

GURGAON Journal: Sombre Summer

The April Pink Moon glimmers down on a sombre land, a land jousting with an (un)expected vicious adversary snuffing out the young and old in its free run. This year the Pink of hope and rejuvenation is White, an April nightmare of body bags, as we stare at an abysmal vortex of burning ghats and… Continue reading GURGAON Journal: Sombre Summer

Doors…to market

Kensington Market, Toronto 2015  Kensington Market a walkable bohemian neighbourhood stacked with vintage boutiques, indie shops, arts spaces, grocers, bakeries, cheese shops, trendy bars, cafes, fine dining and casual diners. What attracts me are the windows and doors, resembling cut-outs, in the multicultural ambience of 'plains-clothe' houses with their harlequin-esque facades camouflaging the antiquity of… Continue reading Doors…to market