SUZHOU….Gossamer Antiquity

Re sharing my China series to remember the country as 'the unfathomable Orient'. In the present Covid-19 stay-at-home stage scrolling through my China Travel series I realize that that the country has and will remain an enigma. Living in Hong Kong (2008-2016) once-a-week trips across the border to Shenzhen were a must. The reason was… Continue reading SUZHOU….Gossamer Antiquity

Beijing- A Contrasting Bouquet of Largeness

A re-visit or virtual travel after gap of eleven years (2009) and Beijing, like rest of China, still remains an enigma. Its latest product, Covid-19 or Corona virus, lives up to the 'humongous' attitude of the country.....expandable enterprise. As we, all over the world, battle with inevitable lockdowns, a virtual visit brings back memories of… Continue reading Beijing- A Contrasting Bouquet of Largeness

Train Journeys- Past and Present

The Prayagraj: The familiar bleak friable landscape interspersed with algae ponds, cattle and livestock in different stages of thinness grazing on non-existent grass, the sparsely cultivated fields, thatched huts, semi naked children chasing mangy dogs, men huddled on charpoys or walking listlessly with the familiar 'lota' (metal mug) for their morning ablutions, women, head covered, engrossed in washing,… Continue reading Train Journeys- Past and Present