Feminist Pilgrimage: Journeys of Discovery

I am glad to share in this rich and diverse collection of personal journeys. Thanks Stacy Russo

Feminist Pilgrimage: Journeys of Discovery

Feminist Pilgrimage: Journeys of Discovery

by Stacy Russo

Contributors: Amanda LaTasha Armstrong, Laila Brown, Indra Chopra, Nina Clements, LeeRay M. Costa, Sara Rafael García, Cass Hartnett, Sarah L. Hastings, Lucretia Tye Jasmine, Elizabeth Kenneday, Annie Knight, Lazy Bottom Retreat Members (Anne Swenson Ticknor, Paige Averett, Allison Crowe, Anna Froula, Cynthia A. Grace-McCaskey, Jennifer F. McKinnon, Stacy L. Weiss, Amanda Ann Klein, Amber Wigent), Valeria E. Molteni, Leah Jane Oliver, Anya Ravitz, Jana Remy, Cindy Rinne, Stacy Russo, Alison Stankrauff, Jie Tian, Trysh Travis, Holiday Vega, Lise Weil, and D.D. Wood

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