Lavender Pathways

Sitting in snow-bound Calgary I dream of the picturesque, aromatic lavender pathways of Okanagan Lavender Farm near Kelowna. This is probably what the glossy brochures mean when they tell you to visit and breathe in the rejuvenating lavender freshness to suffice for the winter months.

We had stopped for a few hours at the farm, it is on the tourist map, lured by the color purple and sweeping view of lavender flowers against the backdrop of the cerulean Okanagan Lake, apple and peach orchards and pumpkin farms.


Our timing was slightly mis-cued, as the best time to visit the farm is in July when lavender is in full bloom. August/ September is the harvesting and distillation period when flowers are hand-striped for lavender flavored products. Our visit was in August 2015 but something is better than nothing and enjoyed a stroll on the gravel pathways, admiring the herb gardens and the view stretching towards Okanagan Lake. There is a guided tour, we could not take it due shortage of time, but taking the tour is worth the effort if one wants to know the history, cultivation and by-products of lavender.


The stroll ended on the patio of the Lavender café, serves sumptuous fresh-baked snacks and lavender flavored drinks, and in the boutique overflowing with aromatic Lavender fragrances and herb products, oils, teas, scrubs, soaps, etc. Could not resist purchasing luxurious Lavender bath oil and a jar of Lavender jelly.


The farm is well thought of family business as along with natural beauty and shopping there are  hobby and interactive classes, organized social gatherings, a cafeteria and family fun opportunities.

View from restaurant……….for enquiries about 2016 admission and programs.

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  1. I love to visit a lavender farm, like you I am often in the right place at the wrong time, but even so the delights of lavender products are worth the visit.

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