Sharing Train Stations in Dubai- Nearby Tourist Spots, Nearby Hotels, Nearby Restaurants — Another interesting and helpful post on Dubai Travel with list of 'nearby tourist spots, hotels, restaurants in each of Dubai Train Stations'. Dubai is a frequently visited place...tourism, business, stop overs, and knowing what to do do and where to … Continue reading Dubai

Pune Journal….Its Food

July 2020: Wow...I have done it...written about food. Till date I avoided food talk not because I am sitophobic but because I am an appreciator of delectable presentations cooked by others. Inadvertently I am caught in this edible web thanks to nsnunag when I commented on his blog post Top 10 Dishes You Must Try … Continue reading Pune Journal….Its Food

Asia Travel Made-Easy

Sharing blog listing airports of South Asia and Central Asia in continuation of earlier North East Asia. Its time to get vacation-ready. Begin planning. 1. 45 Important International Airports in South Asia for Tourism"South Asia is composed of over 250 airports spread over India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan. We are citing at least 45 important … Continue reading Asia Travel Made-Easy