Urban Walks….Toronto…TIFF 40

Toronto in summer is a perfect antidote for eclipsing life’s turmoil and troubles. We landed on the sunny extended weekend (Labor Day) and the opening of Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2015. The city was in perfect order, with 'best foot forward', and days began with usual touristy activities, lakeside stroll along the Harbor front,… Continue reading Urban Walks….Toronto…TIFF 40

Wheel Power……Transportation

Slow and steady, the Rickshaw continues on its journey through lanes and streets. 'Pulled rickshaws created a popular form of transportation, and a source of employment for male laborers, within Asian cities in the 19th century. Their popularity declined as cars, trains and other forms of transportation became widely available'.....en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rickshaw The word rickshaw originates from… Continue reading Wheel Power……Transportation

San Antonio River Walk

2009: Some places and events remain etched in memory, for whatever reason, and the San Antonio River Walk or ‘Paseo del Rio’ along the banks of San Antonio River is one such event. The Walk was a peek into the soul of a city, into its rich past savoured through different time spans from the… Continue reading San Antonio River Walk