Summer Thirst Quencher...Fresh Sugarcane Juice off the Mill We ‘JUST DID IT.’ Procrastinations, excuses, work constraints, visiting children…. played hooky with our moving to a place we bought thirteen years back. We took the decision, hired packers and movers to wheel our stuff to another state in India and followed on train. 'Why not by air’.… Continue reading PUNE JOURNAL -MOVEMENT

Train Spotting… New Delhi to Pune….

Backwaters......MumbaiTraveling on an Indian train is a series of mechanical exhalations, specifically for an Indian, whether in general second or cattle class or in First A/C. The surrounding levels of odors set the tone of the journey and with olfactory senses already in a limbo by the time the train streams out of the platform… Continue reading Train Spotting… New Delhi to Pune….

Shanghai –36 hours

Yuyuan Garden August 2009 - *7.30 a.m. Shanghai railway station and the city waking up to early morning sounds and rituals. We arrived from Beijing on the second part of our journey and stifling a yawn and sidestepping persistent cab drivers, stepped out of the station. outside Shanghai station An unimpressive surroundings and while waiting outside… Continue reading Shanghai –36 hours