Galveston..Memories and Prejudices

Some places disappear to inner recesses of memory till an incident or event resurrects them to the forefront. In the summer of 2011 Galveston was another beach town for a weekend visit from neighbouring Houston, Texas. 10 years later, in 2021, Galveston metamorphosed from a bleachy, cataclysmic city into a 'freedom' icon. I learn that this… Continue reading Galveston..Memories and Prejudices

Houston’s Waugh Bat Bridge……Nothing Batty About It

The recent news about Houston bats freezing to death in the recent Texas snow storm, reminded me when I too was spellbound by their daily twilight callisthenics under the city's Waugh Bridge. According to Diana Foss, a Texas Parks and Wildlife Urban Wildlife Biologist as told the Houston Chronicle that 'nearly 2000 Mexican free-tailed bats… Continue reading Houston’s Waugh Bat Bridge……Nothing Batty About It

Doors to Recycling Art

Inspiration and recycling....from 2011 visit to Houston, Texas.. for Norm's Thursday Door Challenge The Beer Can House, a folk art icon and an ‘Ode to Recycling’  in Rice Military, Houston, Texas, boasts of an unique cans, bottles, caps and other beer paraphernalia.  What do you do if you continuously guzzle beer while constructing your… Continue reading Doors to Recycling Art