SUZHOU….Gossamer Antiquity

Re sharing my China series to remember the country as 'the unfathomable Orient'. In the present Covid-19 stay-at-home stage scrolling through my China Travel series I realize that that the country has and will remain an enigma. Living in Hong Kong (2008-2016) once-a-week trips across the border to Shenzhen were a must. The reason was … Continue reading SUZHOU….Gossamer Antiquity

The Water Trilogy

Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou….the picture-perfect water towns intrinsically tied to the Aqua around them shaping the interactions of their inhabitants with their geographical and historical landscapes. The three towns retain their personal identity fueled by a modern and industrialized persona. Shanghai, rain spattered and mysterious on that typhoonisque afternoon of September 2014 was out of step from … Continue reading The Water Trilogy