Friendly Friday Challenge…Road Trip

Rockin' Strawberries...It is nostalgia making me re-post a 2019 Road trip from Pune to Panchgani, a hill station in Maharashtra for Friendly Friday Challenge..Road Trips. ‘ Strawberries, introduced by the British in Mahableshwar, 18 miles from Panchgani, found its way to the surrounding hills and today Panchgani is a booming strawberry destination 'We Will, We… Continue reading Friendly Friday Challenge…Road Trip

Pune Journal……Heat Wave and Flip-Flops

I was off radar for few months, travelling, missing out filling my Pune Journal pages. In four months I visited three beach destinations…Goa, Maldives and Mumbai with a short break to hometown Gurugram and a day outing to Panchgani the ‘strawberry’ land two hours plus from Pune by car. Panchgani has another claim to fame...  Freddy… Continue reading Pune Journal……Heat Wave and Flip-Flops