5 Reasons to Check Out Calgary’s Central Library — Hemispheres

PHOTOGRAPHY BY GEORGE WEBBER 1:  Chef Eric Hendry and local business owner Gareth Lukes partnered on Lukes restaurant, which serves savory “porridges,” such as red lentil dal and brown rice congee. And no need to sneak that Bows & Arrows coffee out of the on-site café (also called Lukes) and past the librarian: Covered drinks are…5 Reasons … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Check Out Calgary’s Central Library — Hemispheres

Dubai Travel-TravellingPeoples.com

Sharing TravellingPeoples.com......49 Train Stations in Dubai- Nearby Tourist Spots, Nearby Hotels, Nearby Restaurants — TravellingPeoples.com Another interesting and helpful post on Dubai Travel with list of 'nearby tourist spots, hotels, restaurants in each of Dubai Train Stations'. Dubai is a frequently visited place...tourism, business, stop overs, and knowing what to do do and where to … Continue reading Dubai Travel-TravellingPeoples.com

Hong Kong — Travel Tips (shared post)

Hong Kong an island city on everyone's travel list. Sharing Aaron M Spelling, Best Travel Tips blog post covering the nitty-gritty of organising a trip. Hong Kong is a worldwide city as well as it has vast variety of travelers come from all over the globe in all year. According to the Hong Kong Government statistics, … Continue reading Hong Kong — Travel Tips (shared post)