Guild-ed Greens….

Continuing with my series of Neighbourhood Spaces, Toronto.   Another urban gem is the scenic and historic Guildwood Park and Inn constellated with sculptures manifesting history, artists and political influencers.  The Park, an extension of Scarborough Bluffs, alongside Lake Ontario is a sculptured fantasyland and as we step onto the greens we are in midst… Continue reading Guild-ed Greens….

Toronto Summer…..Bluffing Away (3)

Happy Summers....... The Toronto weather bemuses us with bright sleazy sunshine one day to cold winds, sneaky ominous clouds and rain drops the next day. For someone from India it is double whammy but we buckle up our belts and do what the locals do... learn the art of dodging weather and stop cribbing.  So… Continue reading Toronto Summer…..Bluffing Away (3)