Hong Kong… An Eclectic Mix

Hong Kong is news once again... a victim of its own magnetic desirability. Along with rest of the world I wish the Island country will soon stop looking over its shoulders for 'A Visit from the Goon Squad' (Jennifer Egan's novel ). It did that in 1997 (Handover) and once again, 2020. My first impression… Continue reading Hong Kong… An Eclectic Mix

Hong Kong …..Narratives

Hong Kong is...crowded, colourful, pristine, naturally green, temple-d..... the list could go on. You know you are in Hong Kong when you come across permanent fixtures of a city that surprisingly is always on the move. Revisiting on a short break, May 7-17, 2018, I stood captivated by a city that 'is more than a place… Continue reading Hong Kong …..Narratives