Pune Journal….Its Food

July 2020: Wow...I have done it...written about food. Till date I avoided food talk not because I am sitophobic but because I am an appreciator of delectable presentations cooked by others. Inadvertently I am caught in this edible web thanks to nsnunag when I commented on his blog post Top 10 Dishes You Must Try … Continue reading Pune Journal….Its Food

Pune Journal…..Lights…..

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: "Light signifies the spiritual illumination brought about by truth, knowledge, love and peace. Light is synonymous with life". What better way to celebrate 'illumination' than Diwali, the festival of Lights when homes and commercial properties are lighted up to welcome love and prosperity. Diwali lights in our new home in Pune. I … Continue reading Pune Journal…..Lights…..

Pune Journal……Traffic Woes and Festivals

How does one deal with arrogant two-wheel drivers.....ignore them or honk them out of way. We tried both but to no success. They are immune to any noise even without helmets…. as this father, with his teen daughter riding pillion, in middle of road. There was no reaction to constant honking, anywhere else it would … Continue reading Pune Journal……Traffic Woes and Festivals