Noodle Trail

The surprising part is that I am not a food person but gastronomic interjections have always been lurking in the background. In the 1970s while in the midst of understanding the nuances of the Romantic poets P B Shelly, Keats and William Wordsworth ( for Bachelors at Allahabad University) I would willingly miss lectures to gormandize on… Continue reading Noodle Trail

Calgary…The frosty ambience of 17th Avenue.

It is silence all around...silence not of human voices or moving traffic but silence of space. Calgary in winter does justice to its name source, the Old Norse words Kald and Garf to describe ‘cold’ and ‘garden’, words used by Vikings when they resided in the Inner Herbides. The snow is intimidating and you tend to… Continue reading Calgary…The frosty ambience of 17th Avenue.