Emerald Lake ..A Sparkler in Wilderness

EMERALD LAKE, YOHO NATIONAL PARK, BRITISH COLUMBIA: In 1882 veteran European explorer Tom Wilson was led to this awe-inspiring lake nestled between the Rockies by his wayward horses. The gleaming emerald-green waters, result of fine particles of glacial sediment, left him transfixed “For a few moments I sat [on] my horse and enjoyed the rare, … Continue reading Emerald Lake ..A Sparkler in Wilderness

Banff, Lake Louise and Columbia Icefields—Snowscapes http://allwaystraveller.com

http://www.allwaystraveller.com/AllWaysOnline/ao_an_Canada_Banff.html Alberta’s  Banff, Lake Louise and Columbia Icefields—Snowscapes By Indra Chopra   The snow-clad and aloof jagged peaks snuggle the open lands, trees and water bodies in a white blanket, often frayed at ends...........