Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Nighttime.

Few of my favourite nite time shots… Kyoto, Japan (2010)…a sudden encounter and transfixed we ogled.  “Perhaps it seems odd that a casual meeting on the street could have brought about such change. But sometimes life is like that isn’t it” –Arthur Golden. Memoirs of a Geisha   View from Calgary Tower…..watching the sun set.  Downtown… Read More Shannon’s Creative Photo Challenge: Nighttime.

All things Bright

Our favorite chant in school was ‘Yellow,Yellow dirty fellow’ on seeing any child in yellow. But with time yellow/gold came to be associated with brightness and richness bringing cheer to the beholder. The very epitome of ‘golden’ is Kinkakuji Temple or ‘Golden Pavilion’ in Kyoto. The top two floors are completely covered in gold leaf.