Doors…to market

Kensington Market, Toronto 2015  Kensington Market a walkable bohemian neighbourhood stacked with vintage boutiques, indie shops, arts spaces, grocers, bakeries, cheese shops, trendy bars, cafes, fine dining and casual diners. What attracts me are the windows and doors, resembling cut-outs, in the multicultural ambience of 'plains-clothe' houses with their harlequin-esque facades camouflaging the antiquity of … Continue reading Doors…to market


A perfect day...bright and cheerful adieu to Summer,  wafting mixology of history and cultures of Asia, Europe, Caribbean, Middle East, Latin America.... lured me to what was the 1920s ‘Jewish Market’. With time and fresh pourings the businesses and demographics changed hands from Jewish to Chinese, Latin American, Asian, European setting space for ethnic entrepreneurial … Continue reading URBAN WALK—3…TORONTO..KENSINGTON MARKET