A City Escape

Cerulean skies with hint of cottony cover and a perfect day for hikes. We were were not the only ones trooping into the Rouge National Urban Park, the parking lots were full, and inside hiking groups, wanderers, juniors, seniors, (some in uniformed identification), raring to enjoy themselves in the cool greens and gurgling fresh Creek… Continue reading A City Escape


Drumheller the "Dinosaur Capital of the World”: The somnolent 'prairie' flatlands give way to straggly flat topped, steep sloped Mesas, barren rock formations of multicoloured layers, rusty brown, beige streaked with purple and green lines. We are on our way to Drumheller, the Dinosaur capital of the World. It is a mere 135 km Northeast… Continue reading DINO’S ON THE PROWL….DRUMHELLER

The Paskapoo Slopes….snow walks continue 

The Paskapoo Slopes: As we, or rather I, nimble-footed down the narrow snowy trail bounded by leafless trees and spindly branches I expected to be surprised by a Fox, a Coyote, a Deer or an unlikely exotic animal. But there is no one except us…a natural setting to play peek-a-boo. We continued on the trail,… Continue reading The Paskapoo Slopes….snow walks continue