In Search of Paradise….

Waiting to board the long haul direct flight to Toronto I was scrolling Amazon book titles and came across INDIANS ON VACATION by Thomas King. Reading the blurb I was a bit disappointed when it turned out be a fictionalised account of a middle-aged First Nation (indigenous people of Canada) couple on vacation to Prague… Continue reading In Search of Paradise….

Moving to another country without social media holding my hand.

26 years ago (1995), my first Accidental Expat experience, with the accompanying ifs and buts, was no glossy, glamorous paradisal adventure. The reason, there was no invasive deluge of pictures / vlogs / blogs on WhatsApp, Instagram, Google (at least in India), Yelp, Tik-Tok etc…to hold my hand in the hit-and-run learning experiences in an… Continue reading Moving to another country without social media holding my hand.

Pune Journal….Sense of Place

PUNE DAIRY...Immigration Woes and Sense of Place Four months...that is a long time to stay away from home. I look at the speaker’s face.”But that is also home with son, daughter, and their family settled in Toronto and Calgary. Our flight from Mumbai to Toronto, Canada, via Zurich, is half full with grandparents winging their… Continue reading Pune Journal….Sense of Place