U Know You Are Back Home……..

Gurgaon 2022: U know you are back home when a cacophony of bird songs wakes you up with the first rays of sun. In my sleepy mental block the repetitive in-your-face ‘coo-ee’ of the koel, the tweet of the sparrow, the squawking of a mynah, the loud continuous trill of parrots as they swoop overhead… Continue reading U Know You Are Back Home……..

Throwback Walks: Cheung Chau…An Island Treasure

PUNE JOURNAL: It is October and still enveloped in the secure folds of our home I yabber unfettered of distant lands. Come to think of it...A virtual walk or a Reminisce walk is anyday sustainable than a real crowding down of places. A throwback on Hong Kong Walks: Cheung Chau (one of 250 outlying islands)… Continue reading Throwback Walks: Cheung Chau…An Island Treasure