U Know You Are Back Home……..

Gurgaon 2022: U know you are back home when a cacophony of bird songs wakes you up with the first rays of sun. In my sleepy mental block the repetitive in-your-face ‘coo-ee’ of the koel, the tweet of the sparrow, the squawking of a mynah, the loud continuous trill of parrots as they swoop overhead… Continue reading U Know You Are Back Home……..

Red…..the colour of hope and history

“ You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West. Gurgaon Journal, May 2021: Living a landlocked existence, no windows opening out to beaches, hills, waters, our life oscillates to the beat of Covid waves and lockdowns. The Second Covid wave, beginning March, was more intense, making us… Continue reading Red…..the colour of hope and history

Gurgaon Journal: Season of Change

The summer light shimmies through scrunched up leaves under our feet. It is the ‘shedding’ season making way for the new and along with budding leaves we too look for new beginnings...a Covid free world. 'Yippee....we have the Vaccine ...and all is well with the World.’ Flashback: 2020 was confined to luggage holds, of hibernation,… Continue reading Gurgaon Journal: Season of Change