Friendly Friday Challenge…Road Trip

Rockin' Strawberries...It is nostalgia making me re-post a 2019 Road trip from Pune to Panchgani, a hill station in Maharashtra for Friendly Friday Challenge..Road Trips. ‘ Strawberries, introduced by the British in Mahableshwar, 18 miles from Panchgani, found its way to the surrounding hills and today Panchgani is a booming strawberry destination 'We Will, We … Continue reading Friendly Friday Challenge…Road Trip

Houston’s Waugh Bat Bridge……Nothing Batty About It

The recent news about Houston bats freezing to death in the recent Texas snow storm, reminded me when I too was spellbound by their daily twilight callisthenics under the city's Waugh Bridge. According to Diana Foss, a Texas Parks and Wildlife Urban Wildlife Biologist as told the Houston Chronicle that 'nearly 2000 Mexican free-tailed bats … Continue reading Houston’s Waugh Bat Bridge……Nothing Batty About It