China Towns of Flushing and Lower Manhattan: New York 2011

Flushing Queens: I felt I was walking the lanes of Mong Kok/ Wan Chai in Hong Kong or it could be any city in China.

Hung Hom Station, Kowloon ?????
Familiar...the walking and the talking
Street Scene
Images from Lower East Side, Manhattan China Town… of the oldest Chinese enclaves out of Asia.
The Red Door
Corner Stalls
Where are we???????
Choy sum anyone
fruits from the Mainland
gifts galore

New York…..the bummed-out sense of space

New York…. The chaotic meanderings of Cross-town, Uptown or Downtown; the bummed-out sense of space; the depressingly dingy Subway Stations; the ostensible dissonance of images; the diverse cultures and languages.

Coney Island

Pillow bashing...Union Square

Way to....Union Square

Jackson Heights or Chandni Chowk (Delhi)

Subway dirge....Times Square

Somewhere in Manhattan

In China (town), Flushing