Hong Kong …..Narratives

Hong Kong is...crowded, colourful, pristine, naturally green, temple-d..... the list could go on. You know you are in Hong Kong when you come across permanent fixtures of a city that surprisingly is always on the move. Revisiting on a short break, May 7-17, 2018, I stood captivated by a city that 'is more than a place … Continue reading Hong Kong …..Narratives

Fish Tale – Travel Theme Food

The culinary speciality of Hong Kong is seafood and one can salivate over the varieties, the distinctive flavors of fresh preparations or like me capture the shapes, sizes and colors on camera. I am not much of a  fish person but cannot resist stopping in lanes, alleys, fish markets and sea-fronts where tanks of live fish, prawns, scallops, crabs, clams, … Continue reading Fish Tale – Travel Theme Food