Doors…to market

Kensington Market, Toronto 2015  Kensington Market a walkable bohemian neighbourhood stacked with vintage boutiques, indie shops, arts spaces, grocers, bakeries, cheese shops, trendy bars, cafes, fine dining and casual diners. What attracts me are the windows and doors, resembling cut-outs,… Read More ›

Doors…..Past Perfect

Halifax, Nova Scotia………C H Willis house 1862, Halifax, Nova Scotia….a heritage house entrance, unassuming and plain, yet an enticing connect to a historical past. A chance sighting while strolling downtown Halifax.

Rumtek Monastery….Sikkim

Doors/curtains …Rumtek Monastery…Sikkim    A detailed description of the colourful and vibrant exterior and interior follows in new post (May 5, 2017) Meanwhile checkout