Doors…to market

Kensington Market, Toronto 2015  Kensington Market a walkable bohemian neighbourhood stacked with vintage boutiques, indie shops, arts spaces, grocers, bakeries, cheese shops, trendy bars, cafes, fine dining and casual diners. What attracts me are the windows and doors, resembling cut-outs, in the multicultural ambience of 'plains-clothe' houses with their harlequin-esque facades camouflaging the antiquity of … Continue reading Doors…to market


Doors, big or small, of metal, wood, steel, glass are change facilitators, communicators, blockers, ventilators or simply ritual-significance additions. To me there is always an element of mystery attached to a closed door and though this one was too heavy for me to push open the mini entrance was a walk way into a world … Continue reading DOORS………..