U Know U are back home…….

September 2022: When the pounding dhol (drum) beats, raunchy Bollywood movie songs back spin through relatively quiet nights and make you snuggle deeper into your pillow... you know you are back home.  The ten-headed Ravana (centre) Effigy waiting to be torched on the 10th day of Dusshera (Google download) Dusshera celebrations are in full swing… Continue reading U Know U are back home…….

Pune Journal……Traffic Woes and Festivals

How does one deal with arrogant two-wheel drivers.....ignore them or honk them out of way. We tried both but to no success. They are immune to any noise even without helmets…. as this father, with his teen daughter riding pillion, in middle of road. There was no reaction to constant honking, anywhere else it would… Continue reading Pune Journal……Traffic Woes and Festivals

The Inner Connect —Hong Kong

Kung Hai Fat Choi to my blogger friends. You must be wondering why I am wishing months late when it was celebrated on Friday 16th February 2018. The reason is nostalgia for the colors, festivities, decorations, entertainment and the urge to travel. 2018 was to be my year of travel, of discoveries, of adventure. But the… Continue reading The Inner Connect —Hong Kong