GURGAON Journal: Sombre Summer

The April Pink Moon glimmers down on a sombre land, a land jousting with an (un)expected vicious adversary snuffing out the young and old in its free run. This year the Pink of hope and rejuvenation is White, an April nightmare of body bags, as we stare at an abysmal vortex of burning ghats and… Continue reading GURGAON Journal: Sombre Summer

PUNE JOURNAL – I Hate To Say Goodbye

‘Spring is too busy, too full of itself, too much like a 20-year-old to be the best time for reflection, re-grouping, and starting fresh.For that you need December. You need to have lived through the mindless biological imperatives of your life (to bud, and flower, and show off) before you can see that a landscape… Continue reading PUNE JOURNAL – I Hate To Say Goodbye