Pune Journal: “Honey…I have shrunk the months”.

October 2020: Months are rolling into one another at shrinking speed, with Covid smirking “Honey... I have shrunk the Months’. We are not amused. The second half of 2020 has been action packed with glamour, drugs, social issues jostling for space in print and social media. Ruling the waves was the media trial of suspected … Continue reading Pune Journal: “Honey…I have shrunk the months”.

Pune Journal: Summer Caper

June 2020: ‘If spring is birth and summer is youth, fall is the full bloom of middle age (and winter is death)’.  I wonder where the seasons have gone or have they morphed into man made disasters? Fall and winter 2019 got hijacked by Covid-19 and summer is now muddled up with Black Lives Matter. … Continue reading Pune Journal: Summer Caper

Pune Journal…May as well….

  The Lofty look...The Great Wall of China[/caption] APRIL: My daily cups of black coffee (11 am) keep me fresh and clued to world happenings. I flip through my albums and travel blogs re-imagining places visited from different angles and perspectives. My initial presentations loitered on streets, markets, tourist landmarks, cities and it was with … Continue reading Pune Journal…May as well….

Views of COVID-19 – Turkey, France, India, and England….Compassionate Awareness

Sue Slaght of http://www.traveltalesoflife.com has compiled a series on the effect of COVID 19 around our world and I am honoured to participate.  The full text is here : https://traveltalesoflife.com/covid-19-turkey-france-india-england/ Table of Contents COVID-19 – Around The WorldWest Taurus Mountains, Turkey – Uncle Spike Paris, France – Miia Niskanen Pune, India – Indra Chopra Cley … Continue reading Views of COVID-19 – Turkey, France, India, and England….Compassionate Awareness