Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Orange and Green

Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow. Wassily Kandinsky Orange is a Rose....".... universal gift for love, congratulations, friendship, thanks, and more". A flower from our garden sunshine bright amidst green. Orange is ....pum-kings Orange is vintage to vroom away......Heritage park, Calgary, Alberta ...Gasoline Alley Museum showcasing vintage vehicles, unique gasoline pumps, products … Continue reading Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Orange and Green

Uniformity of Tragedy

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge Franks Slide ..The Frank's Slide, a rockslide that buried part of mining town of Frank, Alberta, Canada, at 4:10 a.m. on April 29, 1903. Nearly 110 million tonnes of limestone rock slid down from Turtle Mountain covering the entire area in debris within 2 minutes. The eastern edge of Frank, the coal mine and … Continue reading Uniformity of Tragedy

Red, Redder and Reddest

Taylor Swift: There is nothing demure or passive about the color red. There are endless possibilities to play around with it. Add white and it becomes passive pink. Add blue it is envious purple. 'Red is such an interesting color to correlate with emotion, because it's on both ends of the spectrum. On one end … Continue reading Red, Redder and Reddest

Pune Journal…..Lights…..

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: "Light signifies the spiritual illumination brought about by truth, knowledge, love and peace. Light is synonymous with life". What better way to celebrate 'illumination' than Diwali, the festival of Lights when homes and commercial properties are¬†lighted up to welcome love and prosperity. Diwali lights in our new home in Pune. I … Continue reading Pune Journal…..Lights…..