Noodle Trail

The surprising part is that I am not a food person but gastronomic interjections have always been lurking in the background. In the 1970s while in the midst of understanding the nuances of the Romantic poets P B Shelly, Keats and William Wordsworth ( for Bachelors at Allahabad University) I would willingly miss lectures to gormandize on… Continue reading Noodle Trail

Peace Bridge – Calgary

In the snowy landscape the Peace Bridge appears as a giant caterpillar wiggling across the Bow River Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava this pedestrian bridge connects the southern and northern Bow River pathways and Downtown Calgary with Sunnyside. More bridges at <img

Banff, Lake Louise and Columbia Icefields—Snowscapes Alberta’s  Banff, Lake Louise and Columbia Icefields—Snowscapes By Indra Chopra   The snow-clad and aloof jagged peaks snuggle the open lands, trees and water bodies in a white blanket, often frayed at ends...........