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Magical Makeovers

Marriage….. a new beginning for persons directly or indirectly involved……especially if it is an Indian one. 30 years is a long time to remember the customs, the minute details of color of flowers and dresses, co-ordination and synchronisation, the drum beats and stolen glances. Reliving the excitement preparing for son’s […]

Past Reloaded- Koel Song

Feb. 28, 2010: The morning fog had a surprise in store for me. Walking on Hung Leung road, Hung Hom towards Whampoa,(Kowloon) I heard the distinctive ‘Koo Ooo’ of the Koel, my childhood nemesis. It was a surprise because in 2 years of my stay in Hong Kong this was the […]

The ‘Holy’ Belt

Visiting city of birth is mathematically a serious business because you are adding and subtracting from memories and present reality. I was visiting my home city of Allahabad, India after a gap of 10 years ( I had been there in between for a day) and Varanasi after 36 years, […]

Hong Kong- Gold Coast

  Cities/countries gain notoriety by definitions but sometimes it is difficult to confine them into one shell. Hong Kong is one such place that is quirky, antiquated and contemporaneous, a prop of Chinese culture juxtaposed with British expediency. Spread across both sides of the Bay, Hong Kong projects a compact look […]