(Excerpts from my articles published in WEEKEND- KHALEEJ TIMES, August 1997 and in THE TIMES OF OMAN 1996) The mystique of the Dhofar region or of Salalah is not its salubrious climate or its architecture: It is its sacred perfume, one of the gifts given to Baby Jesus by the THREE WISE MEN. This aromatic … Continue reading SALALAH–THE FRANKINCENSE TRAIL

Shanghai –36 hours

  August 2009 - *7.30 a.m. Shanghai railway station and the city waking up to early morning sounds and rituals. We arrived from Beijing on the second part of our journey and stifling a yawn and sidestepping persistent cab drivers, stepped out of the station. An unimpressive surroundings and while waiting outside for friend, who had … Continue reading Shanghai –36 hours

Discovery Bay…..surrealy real

Discovery Bay …. an enjoyable, insightful afternoon walking around the renovated Plaza, the hub of public recreational activities.  The situational ambience makes up for the soaring temperatures as we admire the stores. Out of the Plaza and the Golf carts, provide the surreal, rolling down green patches transporting passengers to fast encroaching housing. Lunched at Zaks, an … Continue reading Discovery Bay…..surrealy real

SHAM SHUI PO – Ribbons, Laces and Bling

A sequined Vespa scooter; spiraling spools of multi-hued ribbons in satin, velvet, nylon, shimmering and embroidered; laces broad or gossamer thin stacked on shelves or dangling from ceiling, glitzy buttons and beads in plastic, glass, iridescent, metallic and chunky; art glitter in multi-layered hues; belts and buckles; paper trimmings and accessories; fabrics in myriad textures … Continue reading SHAM SHUI PO – Ribbons, Laces and Bling