A Step Out….

For some travel is…optimal, a moment of reflection, of reconnection, of flip flops, a moment of facing loneliess or periods of peace or rest time. Whatever our need we travel because we must. It can be short distance or across oceans. For me it is all reasons combined. The Eurythmics song ‘Sweet Dreams are made of these….Travel the world and seven seas” resonates with my thinking.

travtrails.com, to quote Lao Tzu, is “The journey of a thousand miles with a single step.” It is a journey to be enjoyed and I present places as they are. It is only when I see blantant trampling of natural resources and national monuments that the preacher in me takes over.

Travtrailsis a gift to myself, to luxuriate in our environs and to learn from experiences. Travel is not one way traffic but involves sharing.Through my blog I share. Feel free to comment and contribute.




Let’s build something together.