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Pune Journal….Sense of Place

PUNE DAIRY…Immigration Woes and Sense of Place Four months…that is a long time to stay away from home. I look at the speaker’s face.”But that is also home with son, daughter, and their family settled in Toronto and Calgary. Our flight from Mumbai to Toronto, Canada, via Zurich, is half […]

Pune Journal…..Golden Shower

Summer is here and with it the ‘Golden Shower’, the Amaltas or Indian Laburnum and the perfect flower for the ‘Easter’ month.  The first thing I see out of the window is the bright sun divvying its cheerfulness with the ‘Natural chandeliers of yellow and gold’ that glisten amidst fluorescent […]

Rockin’ Strawberries.

‘We Will, We Will Rock You’…  I hum as we drive from Pune to Panchgani (2 plus hours) through flat farmlands towards rugged hills and frisky rivers visible through gaps in the crowning greenery. I wonder if young Freddie Mercury, lead singer of rock band QUEEN was mesmerised by swaying […]