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Hong Kong is home to many structural curiosities, cultural quirks, natural fascinators but the most enduringly whacky (for South Asians) are its culinary delights and the pervasive fish smell. Street corners, alleys, lanes, housing blocks, Condos, sea front, up the hill and down, any where and every where and you know you are in fish country.

Pune Journal: “Honey…I have shrunk the months”.

October 2020: Months are rolling into one another at shrinking speed, with Covid smirking “Honey… I have shrunk the Months’. We are not amused. The second half of 2020 has been action packed with glamour, drugs, social issues jostling for space in print and social media. Ruling the waves was the media trial of suspected…

Maldives…..Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

As of July 15, 2020 this island nation in the Indian Ocean is reopening for international tourism with few strings attached. But before we jump onto the first available flight we need to check country specific travel advisories. Feb. 2019…..Surfing the television on a particularly boring day I am riveted by Becca Kufrin, the star…