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Reporter/researcher/ feature writer/content writer/blogger/...the journey continues looking for the unusual and quirky., the realistic and make-believe. Travel writing happened by chance and now it is knowledge with enjoyment and learning... to know people, places, pastimes and pleasures Follow me as I hop onto the travel writing bus, one leisurely stop after another. 2020 was a breather we needed to recoup, rejuvenate and re-step for a sustainable travel agenda moving on to 2021

Cee’s FOTD – Hibiscus

The simple Hibiscus is more than ‘cashmere-soft petals elegantly cupped with long stamens popping out from the centre …with dark-green pointed leaves’. The pop-up colors embellish my sombre mood with a hint of merriment. Some pictures from my garden in Pune. A Google search added the touch of mystery to this elegant flower. “In North…