Become attentive and appreciative of lifes little wonders and gestures 

We have been visiting Canada, (Toronto and Calgary) since 2012, to meet and stay with children, on tourist visas. The maximum time spent was 2 to 6 months to enjoy the natural wonders, Canadian cuisine and our children’s company. Last year, 2021, we got our Permanent Residency and our interactions changed. The spin-of on our ‘familiarity trip’ is guided by our six (6) year old Canadian citizen grand daughter…’In Canada you have to follow us”.

From grandparents we are demoted to learners. Life is a learning game.

11 thoughts on “Learners”

  1. Being a lifelong learner is a good thing. Taking direction from a six year old … that’s the difference! I bet it’s nice to be closer to our grandchildren all of the time.

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