A Day….Is a Day

May 8, 2022: I wake up to an emotional over-whelmer and instinctively my fingers search the phone and FB icon. Mothers’ day snippets, memories, images inundate my Newsfeed. I rub my eyes reading glowing peans to near perfect mothers and wonder if my daughter too will pen such rhapsodic tributes to me.

‘We have been conditioned to prove our love by slowly ceasing to exist.” ~ Glennon Doyle, Author, Untamed

In the present I am waiting for flowers and customary hug and card. Zilch. Only a ‘I have a video call in five minutes from Japan and could you please close the door.’ It is still work from home. This is our first Mother’s Day together, in all of adult twenty years since living on her own. We are used to long distance greetings and mails.

It was any other day.

A friend lamented that everyday should be Mother’s day as afterall we are there 24/7 comforting, providing, sharing, laughing, procrastinating, encouraging….the list is endless.

In between we do have our selfish moments.

By evening the day became pleasanter with son and family calling from Calgary and daughter remembering. I had my ‘pound of flesh’ ….a bouquet of pink carnations and white roses, a candle lit dinner. “Did you think I had forgotten “.

I am a Mother after all and firmly in the present.

Sharing a video of my 6 year old granddaughter’s school assignment for Mother’s Day….loving words for her mother (my daughter-in-law). My fav was her wanting to buy ‘for my mother a Lamborghini’ 😊

4 thoughts on “A Day….Is a Day”

  1. Some mums are more successful and more loved than others. It’s a fact of life but not very marketable. I know, Indra. I have experience.

  2. Wow you had such an amazing Mother’s Day with flowers😁 Yes sometimes you have to wait pretending nothing would happen on that special day because everyone else is preparing for the surprise👍✨ Have you planned where to go with your Lamborghini?😜💕🚘

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